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January 17, 2024
HNU holds the 5th International Young Scholars Forum

The 5th International Young Scholars Forum of Hainan University was held both online and offline from December 22 to 23, 2023, at International Academic Exchange Center in Hainan campus. The Forum attracted 352 young scholars from world-renowned universities and institutions like Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Toronto, University of Manchester, Australian National University, Northwestern University (USA), Tsinghua University and Peking University etc..

The forum venue. Photo by Wan Ruizhi

Zhou Ruwei, Deputy Director of Talent Management Bureau of CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, Yu Wenzhong, Deputy Director of the Office of the Commission for Comprehensively Deepening Reform of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, and Zhang Jiyou, Executive Deputy Secretary of CPC Hainan University Committee attended the Forum and delivered opening addresses. Qiu Xiguang, Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Hainan University Committee and HNU’s Vice President chaired the opening ceremony. Luo Qingming, President of Hainan University and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, met with the young scholars after the ceremony.

In his opening speech, Zhou Ruwei noted that Hainan will be the largest free trade port in the world, enjoying favorable environment, great potential and promising prospects for development. He expressed his hope that all young scholars, as partners of Hainan in its development and ambassador of Hainan in promoting its image, promote publicity of Hainan across globe, injecting new impetus into Hainan FTP construction while achieving win-win cooperation in this process.

Zhou Ruwei is delivering a speech. Photo by Wan Ruizhi

Yu Wenzhong elaborated on the policy system, modern industrial system and talents policy in Hainan. He noted that to improve talent policy is the most important task in the development of institutional system in Hainan FTP. “Hainan will vigorously promote the integrated development of education, science and technology and talent cultivation by expanding channels for talent recruitment and providing better environment for talent to display their potentials. With unique ecological environment, highly favorable policies and competitive mechanism for recruiting talents, Hainan will provide young scholars both at home and abroad more opportunities to jointly create a better future.” He added.

Yu Wenzhong is giving lecture. Photo by Wan Ruizhi

At the meeting with the young scholars, president Luo Qingming answered questions concerning policy for talent recruitment, condition for scientific research, discipline development and personal academic growth. He said that Hainan University would comprehensively implement the strategy of “build a strong university with supports from talents”, putting talents development on the priority and creating favorable condition to recruit and retain qualified professional. HNU welcomes capable personnel around the world with greatest sincerity, the most favorable policy and the best service, and nurtures high level talents in all fronts in a systematic manner, contributing to the establishment of talent magnet for Hainan FTP.

Q&A session. Photo by Wan Ruizhi

Gao Xinpei and Ayixiren·Jumabayi, the newly recruited talents, shared their own growth experiences and academic achievements in Hainan University, encouraging all young scholars to join HNU and work for the construction of Hainan FTP.

Gao Xinpei and Ayixiren·Jumabayi are speaking. Photo by Wan Ruizhi

At the closing ceremony, 155 young scholars from Harvard University, the University of New South Wales, Nanjing University and other universities signed a letter of intent for employment with Hainan University.

Other HNU leadership members and chief of Schools and Departments were present at the above-mentioned events.

Edited by Wang Yiqin

Translated by Luo Hailin

Proofread by Chen Chuanxian

Source from HNU News

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