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January 16, 2024
The 19th Distinguished Scientists Lecture Held in HNU

On the morning of December 23, 2023, the 19th Distinguished Scientists Lecture, a brand series academic event initiated by Hainan University, was held in the lecture hall of Tin Ka Ping Building. Wu Fengchang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a lecture titled “Preliminary thinking on scientific and technological need for handling new types of pollutants in China”. Zou Yonghua, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Hainan University Committee and Vice President of Hainan University, chaired the lecture.

The lecture venue. Photo by Meng Qingcun

Wu Fengchang started his lecture by identifying the increasingly urgent problems in treating new types of pollutants in China, and offered his thinking on how to monitor and assess the new pollutants so as to find out the distribution and impact of these pollutants. He also shared his idea on law enacting and policy making, technology innovation and industrial upgrading, international cooperation and information sharing, which will be helpful in handling pollution, providing inspiring ideas for China to treat the new pollutants.  

Wu noted that to improve the treatment of pollutants, we need to conduct further research on the areas of environmental science and engineering, chemistry engineering and material science. In addition, we need to nurture more qualified professionals in this area and stimulate research institutions and enterprises to invest more in R&D of technology in treating these new pollutants.

The lecture attracted 1,000 teachers and students from Hainan campus, Mission Hill campus, Yazhou Bay Science and Education Park, and Chengxi Basic Teaching Department. At Q&A session, Wu patiently responded to audience’s questions, winning great applause from the participating faculty and students.

Q&A session. Photo by Meng Qingcun

Other HNU leadership members and chief of Schools and Departments were present at the lecture.


Edited by Wang Yiqin

Translated by Luo Hailin

Proofread by Chen Chuanxian

Source from HNU News

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