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January 10, 2024
Lecture on Chinese Cultural Development and Cultural Confidence Held in HNU

On the morning of December 17th, 2023, Ye Xiaowen, former Secretary of the Leading Party Group of the Central Institute of Socialism, delivered a lecture on Chinese cultural development and cultural confidence as part of efforts to study Xi Jinping’s thought on culture in Tin Ka Ping Building at Haidian campus. Zhang Jiyou, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hainan University Committee, presided over the lecture.

Ye, also former Deputy Director of the Committee on Culture, Historical Data and Studies under the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), elaborated on the historical and innovative development of Chinese fine traditional culture with concrete historical materials and cases. He pointed out that the integration of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in fine traditional Chinese culture helps promote the localization of Marxism in China. Against the background of world development trend, the fine traditional Chinese culture needs to play a key role in China's peaceful rise on the world stage, the CPC's self-revolution, and the construction of the global community of shared future, thus providing strong support for Chinese modernization.


Photo by Wan Ruizhi

Ye elucidated Xi’s discourse that cultural confidence is a more fundamental, extensive and profound form of confidence. He explained how Chinese culture played its role in China's rise, getting rich and becoming strong. He said that on the backdrop of the world modernization, cultural confidence as the fundamental confidence will play vital role in the building of the global community of shared future, and pushing forward Chinese path to modernization.


Group photo. Photo by Wan Ruizhi

The informative lecture attracted a large number of teachers and students, with no empty seats.

Tan Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hainan University Committee and Director of the United Front Work Department, Deans of Schools and Chief of other Departments were present in the lecture.

Edited by Wang Yiqin

Translated by Lin Zhiyi

Reviewed by Chen Chuanxian

Source from HNU News

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