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Signature Activities
Signature Activities
Breakfast Meeting between University Leaders and Graduates
June is the season when the phoenix flowers bloom, and it’s also the time to bid farewell to graduating students. University leaders, faculty, and representatives of the graduating students come together to express their gratitude to the alma mater during the graduation season and look forward to a bright future.
Hainan University’s “Annual Outstanding College Student” Selection and Commendation
Role models serve as a driving force to inspire progress. In order to recognize outstanding students in the fields of academic research, innovation, entrepreneurship, and contributions to practical experience, and to motivate their fellow students to learn from these role models and strive for excellence, the university conducts the “Annual Outstanding College Student” selection and hosts an award ceremony for the entire student body each year. The “Annual Outstanding College Student” selection and commendation has become a grand platform for students to showcase their excellence and aspire to surpass their peers.
“Discovering China: Exploring Hainan’s Free Trade Port with New and Old Pioneers” Exchange Program for Domestic and International Students
During the summer break, the university hosts the “Discovering China: Exploring Hainan’s Free Trade Port with New and Old Pioneers” social practice team. This program brings together domestic and international students who travel to various locations in Hainan province, including Haikou, Qionghai, and Sanya, to engage in social practice activities. Through a series of lectures, visits, and research, the program allows both domestic and international students to experience Hainan’s unique history and cultural characteristics related to pioneering efforts. It also introduces them to the appeal of the development of the Free Trade Port under the backdrop of the new era. The aim is to help students from both China and abroad gain a better understanding of Hainan, making it a fertile ground where more young people can achieve their dreams.
Exploring the Footprints of Hainan Free Trade Port Development: Practical Activity for Graduates and Students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan
Around the time of graduation, the university organizes practical activities for graduates and students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan to explore the development of Hainan Free Trade Port. Students venture to places like Haikou, Qionghai, and Sanya, where they engage in practical experiences such as visiting rural areas, museums, docks, and rice fields. This immersive practice allows them to gain a deeper understanding of Hainan’s unique historical and cultural charm and to witness the dynamic rural revitalization efforts within Hainan Free Trade Port. They also witness the rapid and transformative development of the Hainan Free Trade Port.
New Year Reunion and Celebration Event for Students Staying on Campus
The Spring Festival is an occasion of family reunion, and as the Chinese New Year approaches, university leaders, teachers, and students who remain on campus during the winter break come together. They participate in activities such as making dumplings, writing couplets, and sharing a festive New Year’s Eve dinner. Teachers and students exchange New Year blessings, sing joyful songs, and collectively ...