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Non-Degree Program
Non-Degree Program

There are 6 different levels (A-F) for Chinese Language and Culture program learners according to their Chinese proficiency. The average number of students per class of this program is about thirty. Teachers in Hainan University are friendly, responsible and experienced. The School aims at not only improving the students’ language ability but also deepening their understanding of Chinese culture and enhancing their capacity of the practical use of Chinese language by organizing enjoyable activities and various competitions, to help create a better study environment for international students. Students who have good class attendance and pass the final examination shall be awarded with a Certificate of Completion.

1.Application RequirementsApplicants should be between 18 and 60 years old, in good health both mentally and physically. Well-behaved and capable of living independently, fulfill all the conditions of Chinese Entry-exit, observe Chinese laws and university’s regulations, and respect Chinese culture and customs.

2. Application Documents(1) Valid Passport Copy (the expiry date of the passport should be more than 1 year);
(2) Highest academic diploma and transcript(in Chinese or English).
(3) The Foreigner Physical Examination Form (the result is valid for only 6 months).
(4) The Certificate of Non-Criminal Record (issued within 6 months).
(5) Bank Statement (30,000 yuan/RMB for one semester and 50,000 yuan/RMB for one academic year).
(6) If the applicant is an international student in China, a valid Visa or study type residence permit and an official study proof such as the "Certificate of End of Study" or "Transfer Certificate" issued by the aforementioned school/University must be submitted with the application. If the applicant is employed, an official employment proof must be submitted.

3. Application deadlinesPrior to June 30th for the Autumn Semester;
Prior to December 31st for the Spring Semester.