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January 17, 2024
The 20th Distinguished Scientists Lecture Held in HNU

On the afternoon of December 27th, 2023, Zhu Tong, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave a lecture titled “Health Benefits of Carbon Reduction and Pollution Reduction” in the lecture hall of Tin Ka Ping Building in Haidian campus. It is the 20th lecture of the Distinguished Scientists Lecture Series initiated by Hainan University. Zhang Jiyou, Executive Deputy Secretary of CPC Hainan University Committee, chaired the event.


The lecture venue. Photo by Zhang Liu Jiayi

Zhu Tong started his lecture with the issue of climate change and air pollution, and then elaborated on the harm of PM2.5 and the formulation and revision process of air quality standards, the correlation mechanism between climate change and air pollution, and diseases and mortality risks caused by extreme weather, thus systematically demonstrating the synergistic health effects of climate change and air pollution.

Zhu noted that with the effective measures, significant improvement has been seen in the quality of the atmospheric environment and the living standards of people in China. However, the air pollution indicators are still higher than the minimum threshold set by the World Health Organization, and the risk of atmospheric pollution caused by climate change cannot be neglected. Maximizing health benefits while collaboratively addressing air pollution and climate change is the key to solving China's atmospheric environmental problems and improving people's health.

The lecture was hailed by audience. At the Q&A session, Zhu responded to the questions patiently and professionally, winning great applause from the participating faculty and students.


Q&A session. Photo by Chen Xin

Nearly 1,000 audiences attended online or offline, including faculty and students from three HNU campuses, Yazhou Bay Science and Education Park, and Chengxi Basic Teaching Department.

He Yong, Secretary of the Standing Committee of CPC Hainan University Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Hainan University, was present in the lecture.

Edited by Wang Yiqin

 Translated by Lin Zhiyi

Proofread by Chen Chuanxian

Source from HNU News


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