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One Health
One Health

Aiming at the national strategy and local development needs such as Healthy China, International Tourism Consumption Center, International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, etc., focusing on the major scientific and engineering technical problems in the development of the one health field.

Brain science and brain-like research

(1) High-resolution whole-brain connectome acquisition and analysis technology

(2) Construction of non-human primate clinical models and evaluation techniques for various human diseases

Medical devices

R&D of optical diagnosis and treatment technology and equipment

Aiming at the world problem of malignant tumor treatment, we have carried out research and development of optical diagnosis and treatment technology to develop whole organ mesoscopic optical imaging technology and reveal the mechanism of tumor immune response, leading the development of immune photonics;

We have developed the first domestic medical confocal endoscope to assist in early cancer detection; and developed minimally invasive phototherapy combined with immunotherapy technology to successfully treat late-stage cancer patients, achieving the connection from basic to translational to application.

Marine drugs

Infectious disease prevention and control

(1) Technical innovation of inspection, monitoring, prevention and control of new and sudden animal infectious diseases in tropical areas

(2) Technical innovation and social service of disease vector prevention and control

Nutrition and health