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Aiming at the major national strategic needs such as the Maritime Silk Road, smart ocean and Hainan free trade port construction, focusing on the major scientific and engineering technical problems in the development of information technology

Key technology and its application of multi-source information collaborative perception and fusion for nearshore environment monitoring

For the urgent needs of marine environmental situation perception, marine target monitoring, nearshore information service, etc., breakthroughs have been made in a number of key technologies such as multi-source marine information collaborative perception and fusion service. The overall technology of the project has been applied in the construction of offshore prevention and control circle and shoreline prevention and control circle around Hainan Island, and the identification and tracking of marine targets, environmental situation awareness, comprehensive judgment and service have been realized.

Application of intelligent detection system for vacuum glass insulation performance

Taking the rapid and accurate detection of thermal insulation performance of vacuum glass as the research goal, after industry-university-research integrated cooperation, we have established a complete set of technological innovation system for the production and application of vacuum glass, and developed an intelligent detection system, new products and processing equipment.

Research on quantum cryptography security to boost the construction safety of Hainan Free Trade Port

Main progress 1: The preparation and measurement forms of quantum states satisfying the trace distance are constructed, and the selection methods of QKD security parameters under different security application requirements are given.

Main progress 2: Practical advantage extraction technology provides a universal method for improving the security of QKD systems with different codes.

Multi-dimensional intelligent perception monitoring system and its application

With artificial intelligence empowerment, we have carried out basic theory and key technology research on MIMO radar target parameter robust estimation under complex marine electromagnetic environment, breaking the limitation of parameter estimation direction driven by signal model, and carried out algorithm innovation and new radar development.

Innovation and research on key technologies of maritime intelligent wireless communication and information security transmission

Focusing on the national major needs and combining with the regional characteristics of Hainan province, with maritime intelligent wireless communication and information security transmission as the research core, we have constructed a secure rate doubling transmission strategy for intelligent reflector-assisted wireless communication, and developed key technologies for large-scale MIMO intelligent direction finding and positioning.

Key technology of air-sea autonomous collaborative system for maritime search and rescue

As China has a vast ocean territory and accidents occur frequently at sea, it is of great significance to promote the development of maritime search and rescue equipment for the implementation of the strategy of "Ocean Power". Our team has conducted in-depth research on air-sea cross-domain cooperative technology, and has overcome four key technologies around the key challenge of autonomous landing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).