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Marine Technology
Marine Technology

Aiming at the major needs of the marine power and South China Sea strategy, emphasizing the research on frontier basic science and application technology innovation, solving major scientific and engineering technical problems in the development and utilization of marine biological, chemical and dynamic resources in the South China Sea.

Establish a national marine ranch demonstration area and vigorously develop carbon sink fisheries

Create a habitat suitable for the growth and reproduction of marine organisms, establish a marine ranch that can be artificially controlled, ensure the stability and continuous growth of aquatic resources as the basis for fishery production, and develop blue carbon sink fisheries.

Breeding and promotion of 4 excellent aquatic varieties such as grouper and pearl oyster

Cultivated 4 excellent aquatic varieties such as grouper and pearl oyster, occupying more than 70% of the seawater aquaculture industry in the South China Sea;

Breakthrough in artificial breeding of more than 10 species of precious seawater economic animals such as cheilinus undulatus (one of the world’s top ten endangered species).

Research and application of key technologies for precision measurement and control of aquaculture

Aiming at the technical bottlenecks such as the lack of precision measurement and control technology for aquaculture and the low level of informatization of related equipment in our country, a precision measurement and control key technology system for aquaculture with independent intellectual property rights has been created and applied on a large scale to promote the transformation of production relations and product forms in the aquaculture industry in South China.

Innovation and application of key technologies for green processing and quality control of tropical marine food

Using typical tropical marine foods (such as golden pomfret, tilapia, and South American white shrimp) as raw materials, through the integration of production, learning, and research, we have developed key technologies for green processing and quality control of tropical marine foods, and full utilization of by-products. We have developed new products and processing equipment.

Break through the key technical difficulties of extracting uranium from seawater and focus on the national strategic needs

A variety of organic and inorganic ultra-light fibers (PAN, PEO, TiO2, ZrO2, Al2O3, BaTiO3, SnO2, etc.) have been developed. In collaboration with the China Academy of Engineering Physics, the world’s highest uranium adsorption capacity in a real seawater environment has been achieved. The field sea trial data exceeds that of Japan. Our related research has been published in high-level journals such as Angew Chem and Advance Materials, and has been reported in magazines such as “Reference News” and the British “New Scientist”.

Development of efficient fuel cell catalysts to serve the marine power strategy

We have developed a one-dimensional bundled platinum-nickel alloy nanocage catalyst with platinum shell for fuel cells. It has a mass activity and specific activity of 3.52 A mgPt-1 and 5.16 mA cmPt-2, which is more than 15 times that of current commercial platinum catalysts.

The catalyst shows excellent catalytic stability. After continuous cycling tests for 50,000 cycles, its mass activity only decays by 1.3%.

The fuel cell assembled with this catalyst also shows excellent performance and stability. Its results were published in “Science” with the laboratory as the second unit.

Development of ultra-deepwater multi-purpose flexible pipes to break foreign monopoly

It obtained the API certification of the American Petroleum Institute and the manufacturing license for special equipment (pressure pipeline components) in China.

The fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite material belt and flexible pipe developed have some technical indicators that are internationally advanced;

The project results have been promoted and applied in the field of oil and gas transportation.

Assisting in the construction of Hainan smart island

(1) Innovation and application of key technologies for intelligent construction and O&M of tropical island engineering

(2) Intelligent perception and risk prevention and control technology of large and deep foundation pit behavior in coastal cities under complex environment

Wind-resistant flow control technology and equipment for engineering structures and facilities

With the goal of improving the wind resistance ability of large-span bridges, large-span spatial structures, super high-rise buildings and towering structures, marine and island facilities, etc., to ensure the safety of major projects, through industry-university-research integrated cooperation, we have proposed structural wind vibration suppression blowing/suction control technology , vortex generator control technology, wind-resistant wind power and wind-resistant guardrail control technology, and developed a series of related equipment and devices.