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November 29, 2023
HNU Holds Lecture on Unmanned Farms

Luo Xiwen, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, gave a lecture titled “Exploration and Practice of Unmanned Farms” in Danzhou campus on Wednesday (November 29th). The lecture is the 13rd one of the distinguished scientist lecture serials, a brand academic event of Hainan University. The lecture was attended both online and offline by nearly 2,000 teachers and students from HNU’s three campuses of Haidian, Danzhou and Mission Hills, and Chengxi Basic Teaching Department, and Yazhou Bay Science and Education Park. Luo Qingming, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of HNU, presided over the lecture.

Photo by Wang Pengyu

Luo Xiwen pointed out that unmanned farms have gone beyond the four key technologies of digital perception, intelligent decision-making, targeted operation and smart management, and achieved five functions: full coverage of all production links, complete automation of field-to-workshop transfer, secure automatic obstacle avoidance and emergency stop, real-time monitoring of crop production, and unmanned intelligent decision-making and targeted operation, reaping significant economic, social, and ecological benefits.

Luo Xiwen stated that modern agriculture is heading for smart agriculture, which is achieved by unmanned farms. Through exploration and practice of unmanned farms, the following visions can be turned into reality: cattle are replaced by machines in farming, farmers will move to cities and live there, and experts are farming in rural areas. This will change the current farming situation in China’s vast rural areas, with the improving productivity and people leading better lives.

The participants also include HNU leadership members, Deans of Schools and Chief of Departments.

(Editor: Wang Yiqin)

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