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January 17, 2024
Luminaries Lecture Series in Humanities & Social Sciences Starts its First Lecture

On the evening of January 6th, Long Yongtu, former Secretary-General of Boao Forum for Asia, delivered a lecture on what basic quality is needed for researchers in social sciences and humanities. It is the first lecture of Luminaries Lecture Series in Humanities & Social Sciences initiated by Hainan University (HNU). Luo Qingming, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of HNU, chaired the lecture.


The lecture venue. Photo by Liang Shuyi


Launching ceremony. Photo by Wang Xinyu

Long, also known as China’s Chief Negotiator for WTO Accession, started his speech by elaborating on some important turning points in his life, and made proposals on how the researchers in the area of social sciences and humanities develop their own capability in research. He noted that the fundamental is to put people first, giving top priority to the development of people. “We need to learn to be kind to others, and be grateful, which will bring happiness to us and help us to deal with pressure in life. We need to develop a proper outlook on world, looking at the world with an open and inclusive vision, respecting others, and fostering effective communication. We need to have an international perspective with a Chinese vision, highlighting diverse and dialectical thinking, with more dialectics and materialism and less metaphysics and subjective judgments.” He added.

Long, once worked as Vice Minister of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, emphasized the lifelong benefits of having a specialized skill, encouraging students to work hard and practice to develop a keen understanding of their own strength. A unique skill could be of great help in some crucial moments of life. Long indicated that a fundamental requirement for those engaged in humanities and social sciences research is to be familiar with the basic principles of Marxism. He emphasized the importance of integrating Marxism principles with the realities of China and the outstanding traditional Chinese culture. He highlighted the need to bring out from Chinese traditional culture high-value products that genuinely meet the mental needs of people.

In his closing remarks, Long earnestly conveyed a message to the faculty and students, stating that humanistic science is people-centered and the fundamental task of humanistic science is to put people first and enable them to lead better lives. He expressed his hope that the students and faculty of Hainan University shine brightly in their lives and see their dreams come true.


Long Yongtu is giving lecture. Photo by Wang Xinyu.

The lecture was attended both online and offline by nearly 2,000 faculty and student representatives from HNU three campuses of Haidian, Danzhou, Mission Hills, Chengxi Basic Teaching Department, and Yazhou Bay Science and Education Park.

Zhang Junyu, Vice Chairman of Hainan Provincial Academy of Social Sciences and Vice President of Hainan Provincial Federation of Social Sciences, Wu Di, Deputy Secretary-General of the Lantu Foundation and an alumna of Hainan University, and the HNU leadership members Zhang Jiyou, Gao Tiangong, Qiu Xiguang, Zou Yonghua, Han Shumei, Tan Yong, Yang Zhixin were present at the lecture.

The launching of this Series and lecture Series by distinguished scientist is part of efforts to build HNU into a “Double First-Class” university, with the aim to foster a favorable academic atmosphere of “integrating knowledge and action, advocating academic pursuits, and striving for excellence” across HNU campus.

The Distinguished Scientist Lectures Series, started in September 2020, has wrapped up 21 lectures, inviting top scientists, including 6 Nobel laureates, from across the world to share their research findings, insightful perspectives, and ideas on scientific research. The Luminaries Lecture Series in Humanities & Social Sciences, launched in January 2024, is designed to carry forward the spirit of Chinese nation, and improve the humanistic development of faculty and students. Distinguished individuals from the field of social sciences and humanities will be invited to share their insight on life and social development, and the Series will serve as a platform for faculty and students to learn more about the humanities and the latest thoughts in social sciences.

Edited by Wang Yiqin

Translated by Hu Xiufang

Proofread by Chen Chuanxian

Source from HNU News

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