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HNU conducts nucleic acid testing on three campuses

Updated: 2022-05-12

In order to further prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic on campus, as well as ensure the health and safety of teachers and students, Hainan University organized nucleic acid testing for teachers and students at three campuses on May 9 and 10.

The testing sites had different detection passages according to the requirements of the nucleic acid detection sampling point setting specification. Each channel included a waiting area, an information collection area, and a sampling area, which were separated by guardrails.

During the nucleic acid testing process, information registration personnel carefully verified the identities of people that were being tested, while medical staff strictly followed the sampling procedures. In addition, people waiting to be tested maintained a safe social distance of one meter apart while in line.

After the testing, teachers, and students left the testing site in an orderly according to the guide sign.

A total of 16,918 nucleic acid tests of undergraduates were taken (10,966 on Haidian Campus, 511 in the Chengxi Basic Teaching Department, and 5,441 on Danzhou Campus).


The testing site at HNU's Haidian campus.


The testing site at HNU's Danzhou campus.


The testing site at the Chengxi Basic Teaching Department.