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Teaching units

Updated: 2022-01-19

1. School of Economics

2. Law school

3. School of Marxism

4. College of Humanities and Communication

5. College of Foreign Languages

6. School of Science

7. School of Life Sciences

8. School of Biomedical Engineering

9. College of Ecology and Environment

10. School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

11. College of Material science and Engineering

12. School of Information and Communication Engineering

13. School of Computer Science and Technology

14. School of Civil and Architectural Engineering

15. School of Chemical Engineering and Technology

16. School of Food Science and Engineering

17. College of Tropical Crops

18. School of Horticulture  

19. School of Plant Protection

20. College of Animal Science and Technology

21. College of Forestry

22. School of Ocean

23. Management School

24. School of Public Administration

25. School of Tourism

26. School of Music and Dance

27. School of Art and Design

28. HNU-NSU Joint International Tourism College

29. School of Applied Science and Technology

30. School of International Education

31. College of Continuing Education

32. School of Sports

33. School of Pharmacy

34. School of Cyberspace Security

35. College of Agriculture and Rural Affairs