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6 HNU projects approved as new liberal arts projects by Ministry of Education

Updated: 2021-11-08

The Ministry of Education released a list of 2021 New Agricultural Science Research and Reform Practice Projects, which included a total of 407 projects, six of which were Hainan University (HNU) projects. 

The six approved projects include the "exploration of a new model of multidisciplinary foreign language talent training under the background of the new liberal arts", "innovation and practice of the collaborative education mechanism of 'government-industry-university-research' in the public management discipline", "research on the innovation of the new humanities compound talent training mechanism", "innovation and practice of the Hainan Free Trade Port's foreign-related legal personnel training", "international accounting talent training for the Hainan FTP construction innovation" and "practice and FTP compound talent training innovation mechanism and practice based on the collaborative education".

The new liberal arts research and reform practice projects are intended to promote the development of new liberal arts and build a world-class, Chinese-style humanities talent training system.

The projects include six topics and 22 sub-topics, including new liberal arts construction and development concepts, discipline optimization, talent training model reform, key field classification promotion, teacher team construction, and research and practice of characteristic quality culture construction.

Through its projects, HNU is seeking to promote the reform of liberal arts education and teaching, improve the development level of its new liberal arts, improve the quality of talent training, and make positive contributions to the construction of Hainan FTP.