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HNU optimizes approval process for intl exchanges

Updated: 2021-09-09

With the continuous acceleration of Hainan University's (HNU) development, the demands of the university's professors and students for international academic exchanges are increasing, and HNU has responded by upgrading and optimizing the approval process for temporarily going abroad on official business.

A staff member from HNU's International Cooperation and Exchange Office said that the approval process for going abroad took one or two months in the past.

The university has special staff members to handle the procedures for going abroad temporarily on business at the service hall. Meanwhile, an online international cooperation and exchange information system has been set up to synchronize services with the offline service halls. The system can reduce the time required for getting the approval to go abroad to about 10 workdays.

The International Cooperation and Exchange Office also has taken efforts to obtain the right to approve foreign affairs. According to the personnel affiliation and personnel management authority, HNU can examine and approve matters of going abroad on business and inviting foreign personnel to China except the university's leaders, which has greatly improved the approval efficiency.

HNU will analyze its current situation and learn from the experiences of other domestic universities to further streamline the approval process for professors and students to temporarily go abroad on official business, and provide more convenient and high-quality service for the staff.