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Specifics and schedule of the school's overall construction

Updated: 2019-06-14

A. Specifics 

a. Develop the first-class faculty

1. Implement the building project of teachers' morality. It includes efforts to carry out education work among the faculty who should adhere to develop integrity and cultivate people, thus intensifying the building of teachers' morality.

2. Implement the talent introduction project. It includes efforts to introduce at least 1-2 academicians, 5-7 national talents and 15 academic leaders; bring in more than 150 young and middle-aged academics with doctoral degrees and strong scientific research capabilities; attract flexibility from over 10 high-end talents as influencers at home and abroad.

3. Implement the project of improving the ability of teaching staff. It includes efforts to practice a plan to train young and middle-aged key teachers abroad for the internationalization of talent, where 150 select teachers will be arranged to study abroad; practice the enhancement program for teachers' academic qualifications and select 30-50 teachers from relevant disciplines to pursue doctoral degrees within three years.

4. Implement the building project of the innovation team. It includes efforts to the discipline-growing-based application of "the research team building plan in SciTech innovation", "the faculty building plan", and "the famous teacher's cultivation plan of Hainan University", etc., in order to create national-level research and innovation teams, national-level teaching teams and several national-level famous teachers.


b. Cultivate top innovative talents

1. Implement classified training plans for undergraduates systematically. It includes efforts to grow innovative talents based on advantageous teaching resources and platforms that include the first-class disciplines and state key laboratories; grow application-oriented talents as the result of school-enterprise cooperation and joint training based on the practice teaching bases inside and outside the university; grow versatile talents through the integration of the needs of the industry and professional qualities as well as the improvement of the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurial awareness and the ability to innovate and start up business based on the platform of innovation and entrepreneurship.

2. Implement characteristic teaching quality projects. In order to improve the teaching quality, undergraduate teaching quality projects are carried out, including the added winter term (extracted from the original first semester), experimental classes of liberal arts and science, the "Double First-Class " initiative, "1+2+1" joint training, " cultivation plan of excellent talents", "academic tutorial system", "integration of industry and university", and "order training".

3. Implement a building plan for excellent courses and characteristic courses. In line with the reality of undergraduate teaching courses, priorities should be given to the construction of school-level quality video courses, school-level characteristic courses, provincial quality video courses, and national quality video courses so as to actively promote the construction of a postgraduate curriculum system with the priority of demonstration courses, characteristic courses and international courses.

4. Strengthen innovation & entrepreneurship education. Quality curriculum system of innovation & entrepreneurship education with built-in innovation & entrepreneurship credits is set up to promote the organic integration of professional education and innovation & entrepreneurship education; activate a flexible school system, and intensify the platform of entrepreneurship education practice.

5. The reform mechanism for enrollment and selection of postgraduates. It includes efforts to bring up incentive policies to attract outstanding postgraduate students, exams-free postgraduates recommended by peers inside and outside the university, and excellent adjustment students; perfect the application-examination system of doctoral candidates; constructs the two-way selection mechanism between teachers and students as well as the dynamic adjustment mechanism of postgraduate enrollment plan in accordance with the level and ability of tutors, the quality of training, the development of discipline and school-running characteristics.

(6) Improve the innovation ability of postgraduates. It includes efforts to deepen the internationalization of graduate education, support practices for graduate students to enter high-level universities and research institutions at home and abroad by means of joint cultivation programs, visits, participation in high-level academic conferences, broaden academic horizons and stimulate innovative thinking; intensifies the construction of joint training bases and practice teaching bases for postgraduates, and encourages doctoral and postgraduate students to join in social practices, thus heightening their innovative abilities and social practice.


c. Raise the level of scientific research

(1) Implement major S&T projects and research achievements cultivation plans, the National Science and Technology Major Project, National Key R&D Project, and Specialized Base and Talent Project.

(2) Implement the cultivation plan for scientific research and innovation team. Focusing on the advantages and characteristics of the discipline to be built, a scientific research and innovation team with academic leaders as the core should be built.

(3) Implement the building plan of the national research platform and a high-level think tank. It includes efforts to vigorously further the State Key Laboratory of Marine Resource Utilization in South China Sea; acquire approval for the project to build a state key laboratory for tropical crops; pool talents and resources to build an array of provincial-and-ministerial-level research platforms and high-level think tanks.

d. Inherit and innovate excellent culture

(1) Reinforce the education of excellent traditional Chinese culture. It includes efforts to polish up the curriculum system which integrates excellent traditional culture education into the whole process of school education and construction; confirm teaching and students' education as an important indicator of teachers' evaluation.

(2) Promote the spiritual content of university culture. A spiritually rich and distinctive university culture should take shape after tapping the historical tradition of the university, condensing the spirit of the university, vigorously publicizing and carrying forward the spirit hidden in the school motto of "being tolerant to diversity furthers your way" and the school spirit of "self-improvement, dedication, integrity, fortitude".

(3) Promote the building of campus culture. It includes efforts to launch a batch of own brands and quality products, support a series of associations and innovation of campus-cultural products, thus playing a role in bolstering regional cultural heritage and innovation.

(4) Strengthen the building of cultural environment. The campus landscape should reflect its historical tradition, humanistic spirit, and geographical characteristics, thus generating a humanistic university environment and culture.


e. Propel achievements transformation

(1) It includes efforts to improve the strategic layout of industry-university-research cooperation guided by the social service concept of "SciTech serves the society, leads the industry innovation, revitalizes the regional economy, and gains win-win growth in cooperation"; explore innovative modes such as technology transfer platform, technology incubator, and cooperative alliance; build teams with cooperative enterprises to share talents, share achievements, and improve the effectiveness of the transformation of S&T achievements.

(2) Establish the system of transfer and transformation of technological achievements with unified responsibilities and rights. It includes efforts to apply a tripartite joint mechanism involving universities, the government, and enterprises, and determine the mode of operation for transferring, licensing, and valuing results; improve the transformation rate of S&T achievements through direct and indirect transformation and other ways.

(3) It includes efforts to set up special service institutions for social services and the promotion of S&T achievements and cultivate an array of professional S&T personnel for the transformation.

f. Further international exchanges and cooperation

(1) Expand international cooperation in running schools and construct an international teaching system. It includes efforts to expand the scope for cooperation with overseas universities by taking the building of international tourism institute as the breakthrough point of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools; introduce advanced curriculum resources and broaden undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs; further develop English-only teaching majors and curriculum groups, improve the coverage of international talent training, and expand the enrollment of foreign students with academic qualifications.

(2) Promote the building of international cooperation platforms. It includes efforts to implement the building program of overseas cooperation network, expand and deepen cooperation with overseas universities and institutions; prepare for the establishment of laboratories and research platforms based on international cooperation; encourage international research cooperation platforms to carry out exchange and visits among experts and scholars, joint training of postgraduates, joint settlements of key issues in major projects, and other international exchanges and cooperation in order to enhance the international S&T competitiveness of first-class discipline.

(3) Perfect the mechanism of international cooperation and exchange. It includes efforts to elevate the preference to the policies, funds, and projects of international cooperation navigated by the evaluation index of internationalized school running; reinforce the building of foreign experts' employment and salary system, shape the mode of combining long-term employment with short-term one, and build an international teaching staff.

(4) Establish the incentives system of multi-channel international exchange. It includes efforts to integrate various scholarships and special exchange programs to realize the multi-channel system, and encourage students to participate in high-level international exchange programs such as study visits, overseas internships, and joint training; focus on intensifying financial aid and incentives for overseas students from countries along the Belt and Road through special scholarships from the state and Hainan province for overseas students; further develop education for doctoral and postgraduate students, and expand the enrollment of overseas students. 

B. Schedule

(1) By 2017, the university building plan for first-class discipline construction is completed; the leading group, the working group and the discipline group of first-class discipline construction are established; departments authorized to award doctoral and master's degrees in relevant discipline are confirmed; the management system and mechanism related to discipline are innovated.

(2) By 2018, the implementation of personnel training, scientific research, social services, faculty building, cultural heritage and innovation, and international cooperation and exchanges in accordance with the construction plan is accelerated; self-evaluation and assessment of first-class discipline construction are conducted to adjust and practice the plan according to the results.

(3) By 2019, the achievements of discipline construction will be consolidated and its weak parts will be strengthened according to the objectives of discipline construction and the mid-term inspection results.

(4) By 2020, evaluation of the first-phase of first-class discipline construction will be carried out and the work of the next phase will be arranged according to the evaluation results.