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Academician from China Agricultural University visits Hainan University to discuss on cooperation matters

Updated: 2019-05-09


 Zhang Fusuo speaks at the meeting.

On the afternoon of May 8, Academician Zhang Fusuo, Professor Shen Jianbo, and Associate Professor Zhang Ying from the College of Resources & Environmental Sciences (CRES) of China Agricultural University, and National Agricultural Green Development Research Institute, visited Hainan University. Tao Hongjian, deputy director of the education department of Hainan province, Wu Yaoting, secretary of the Party committee of Hainan University, and Liang Mou, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice president of Hainan University, warmly received the group. Both sides held a discussion in room 401 of the administration building on cooperation matters of the joint doctoral program between China Agricultural University and Hainan University to train PhD students (hereinafter referred to as "the joint training program for doctoral students").

Zhang Fusuo pointed out that China Agricultural University and Hainan University will join hands with Wageningen University in the Netherlands to jointly develop a doctoral program to train PhD students, aiming to jointly establish a cross-disciplinary scientific research platform for innovative agricultural disciplines that meets first-class international standards, improving the training mode for doctoral students, and creating a new model for green development. He believes that academic research must ultimately meet the needs of social development and progress. This cooperation will help promote the scientific research and personnel training process of the two universities, and enhance their social service capabilities and influence.


Tao Hongjian speaks at the meeting.

Tao Hongjian said that the joint training program for doctoral students with China Agricultural University is an important measure to promote the development of the Hainan Free Trade Zone and explore for a free trade port with Chinese characteristics. The education department of Hainan province will fully support and ensure the proper implementation of the project.


Wu Yaoting speaks at the meeting.

Wu Yaoting expressed his welcome and gratitude to Zhang Fusuo and his delegation for their invitation and cooperation, and had in-depth conversations with the participants of the meeting on substantive matters such as funding issues, student quotas, and teacher training.

At the meeting, Feng Weizhe, director of the international cooperation and exchange division of China Agricultural University, further explained the cooperation between the two universities in the management and coordination of teachers, the innovation of institutional mechanisms for high-end agricultural personnel training, and the allocation of funds. At the meeting both sides also spoke in detail about the matters related to enrollment and student registration, training issues, and degree awards in the joint training program for doctoral students by the two universities.

It was revealed that the joint training of doctoral students between China Agricultural University and Hainan University will enroll 30 doctoral students each year from 2019. According to the policy of China Scholarship Council, doctoral candidates may choose "1+3" or "2+2" training mode.


Meeting scene

Directors of the office of international cooperation and exchange, and graduate school of China Agricultural University, directors of the education department of Hainan province, and directors of relevant departments of Hainan University attended the meeting.