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HNU hosts activities to celebrate 2022 China's Space Day

Updated: 2022-04-27

As the university organizing the launching ceremony of the 2022 China's Space Day, Hainan University has carried out a series of activities related to it.


Promotion posters produced by HNU students.

HNU carried out the 2022 China's Space Day promotion posters and science video contest. It has led to volunteer recruitment and organized students to visit and see lunar soil on April 23. It also held a national flag-raising ceremony on April 24 to celebrate the arrival of China's Space Day.


HNU holds a national flag-raising ceremony as part of the celebrations.

In the future, HNU will organize divisions of the China Space Conference, invite experts to hold video lectures, as well as organize China space public welfare ambassadors to communicate with teachers and students via video, promoting the construction and development of the school's aerospace science and technology-related disciplines.

The launching ceremony of the 2022 China's Space Day was held online on April 24.


HNU students watch the launching ceremony online.

During the launching ceremony, the 2022 China's Space Day-themed promotional video and the United Nations Mars-themed stamps were released.

Luo Qingming, president of HNU, and Shan Zhongde, president of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, handed over the Space Day banner online at the ceremony.