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HNU distributes masks to students during fight against COVID-19

Updated: 2022-04-06

To fight COVID-19, Hainan University has decided to distribute 15 masks to each student for free, and it is expected that more than 600,000 masks will be given out. 

HNU has purchased batches of qualified medical masks, and students from 35 schools across three HNU campuses have come together to help distribute them. On April 4, a total of 290,000 masks were distributed to students.

In addition to mask distribution, HNU made an effort to inform students that the struggle against COVID-19 encompasses everyone, and they should support COVID-19 control and prevention efforts, wear masks, and wash their hands properly to be safe.

"The school cares about us and educates us about COVID-19 prevention, and it was very heartwarming after I received the masks," said Lai Linqian, a law student at HNU.

Lai went on to say that students should work with HNU departments to combat the epidemic, protect our campus, and continue to study.