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HNU wins special prize at biochemical song match

Updated: 2022-03-21

"Rhyme of Lipid" by the School of Life Sciences of Hainan University won the special prize at the fifth "Jinsirui Cup" biochemical song match for national college students on March 13.

A total of 108 teams from 59 universities across the country competed in the event.

The song "Rhyme of Lipid" summarizes the whole process of lipid absorption, anabolism, and catabolism. The song showcased HNU students' exceptional performance in a unique style.

This match is the only national competition in higher education that combines undergraduate teaching and artistic achievement, and it is also a highlight of biochemistry instruction. Many superb biochemical songs have arisen in the competition over the last five years, piqued students' interest in biochemistry learning, and effectively activated their creativity.