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HNU develops green pest control technology

Updated: 2022-02-25


A group of experts assess the key green pest control technologies that Wu's team developed to protect important fruits and vegetables in Hainan.

The green tropical melon and vegetable pest prevention and control innovation team led by Professor Wu Shaoying from Hainan University has carried out fruitful work in the prevention and control of melon and vegetable pests in Hainan province.

According to Wu, cowpeas and Hami melons are important fruits and vegetables in Hainan, but they have been seriously harmed by thrips and leaf beetles. At present, the control of these pests mainly relies on chemical pesticides, which have poor control effects and also pesticide residues will affect food safety.

Wu led the team to create a green technology system for the prevention and control of melon and vegetable pests, which significantly reduced the amount of pest occurrence, as well as reduced the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides during crop growth.

At present, the prevention and control technology system has become increasingly mature and is being promoted in planting areas.

This technology reduces the use of chemical pesticides and secondary pollution, ensures the quality and safety of local agricultural products, as well as is conducive to the sustainable development of agriculture.