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Hainan couple joins HNU, contributes to construction of Hainan FTP

Updated: 2021-12-15

In May 2021, Ye Weixiang, a young talent from Hainan's Changjiang Li autonomous region, joined Hainan University (HNU) and became a professor and postgraduate tutor in the School of Science. In July, his wife, Shen Yao from the city of Danzhou, also came to HNU and became a lecturer and master's tutor in the College of Ecology and Environment.

Ye received his bachelor's degree from Wuhan University, master's degree from Nankai University, and doctoral degree from the University of Mainz in Germany. After graduating in 2018, he worked at the University of Mainz and then at Soochow University.

"I have always wanted to return to Hainan to work," Ye said. In 2018, Hainan started construction on the Free Trade Port (FTP), and HNU was given support in developing high-quality degree programs. "When it was in the news, I realized my dream to work in Hainan was about to come true," Ye said.

Shen said with a smile that she was luckier than her husband because she had the opportunity to build a free trade port in Hainan just after she obtained her doctorate from Wuhan University. By participating in the "International Young Scholars Forum" organized by HNU, she was able to join HNU.

Shen has carefully studied Hainan FTP policy. "My research focus is ecological and heat island effect environmental monitoring. Hainan is blessed with a unique natural environment and opportunities for the construction of a national ecological civilization experimental zone, which will help me to further expand the field of research and achieve new breakthroughs," Shen said.

Before joining HNU, Ye had already done systematic research on microscopic optical imaging, created a hyperspectral darkfield imaging technology, and published high-level academic papers in many top international journals. He is fully confident in his future in Hainan, "I am building my own scientific research team and laboratory with strong support from the university," according to Ye.

The couple's confidence is in part due to the preferential treatment provided by Hainan province and HNU in attracting talent. As E-category high-level talent, they not only enjoy a monthly housing subsidy of 3,000 yuan ($470) provided by Hainan province, but also a 200,000 yuan per person settlement allowance provided by the university.

Shen said that HNU has recently been preparing for the new "International Young Scholars Forum". Less than 10 days after the notice was issued, more than 200 young scholars at home and abroad had signed up to participate. She hopes that through the forum, more young scholars can join HNU and help develop Hainan FTP.


Ye Weixiang (R) and Shen Yao. [Photo/Hainan Daily]