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HNU Massey Learning Center aids in recovery of intl education

HNU, Massey|Updated: 2021-12-13

The Massey Learning Center of HNU has welcomed 179 students since it opened in April this year, as a new model of international education cooperation explored by HNU amid COVID-19 to promote the recovery of international education and a new initiative to serve the construction of Hainan as an international education innovation island both show promise.


The opening ceremony of the second phase of the Massey Learning Center.

HNU has provided the center's students with a rich and varied campus cultural experience and a heathy learning and living environment. Students can participate in dozens of high-quality courses and campus activities as well as seek guidance from HNU’s academic advisors and teachers.

HNU has strengthened cooperation with Messey University and pushed forward efforts such as mutual visits by teachers, student exchange and joint research. Additionally, the two universities will develop combined bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to provide high-quality international education resources for HNU students.

The Massey Learning Center acts as a good example of how to boost the recovery of international education in the country. The University of Waikato in New Zealand has cooperated with HNU to establish the Waikato Learning Center, and it will accept international students looking to study and live in HNU, and both sides will further promote the joint master's degree program.