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Treatment of Introduced Talents

Updated: 2021-11-12

Treatment of Introduced Talents

HNU's main treatments for the introduced high-level talent:

1. Settlement fee of 200,000 to 1 million yuan.

2. HNU will provide sufficient funding for scientific research, talent can apply in accordance with the relevant regulations on talent introduction, and use it in accordance with the scientific research plan and the relevant regulations of the scientific research management department.

3. Leaders or backbone teachers with outstanding scientific research capabilities and outstanding achievements or outstanding performance in their professional field can apply for a talent allowance up of to 900,000 yuan ($140,837) in addition to the normal salary. The annual salary is about 0.3 to 1.2 million yuan, and the annual salary for master talent may exceed 1.8 million yuan.

4. HNU will pay social insurance and housing provident fund in accordance with the regulations of Hainan province.

Supporting treatment for introduced high-level talent in Hainan province

1. Housing: After being recognized by Hainan province as a leading talent (category C and above), you can apply for a talent apartment that does not exceed 150/180/200 square meters rent-free. If you work full-time in Hainan for over five years, local government will grant 80 percent of the property rights free of charge, and 100 percent of the property rights for eight years of full-time work. After being recognized by Hainan province as a D-level or E-level talent, you can apply for housing rental subsidies of 5,000 yuan per month and 3,000 yuan per month respectively or a house purchase subsidy.

2. The Hainan Provincial Government will purchase a commercial health group insurance of more than 6,000 yuan per year for full-time leading (category C and above) talent working in Hainan, who can enjoy annual health check-ups for free.

3. Talent can enjoy service guarantee benefits in terms of settlement, children's education, spouse employment, and medical security.