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HNU lands 150 new National Natural Science Foundation projects

Updated: 2021-08-24

Hainan University (HNU) has been approved for 150 National Natural Science Foundation projects in 2021, according to the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) on Aug 18.

The number of projects that have received funds increased by 48 compared with last year, a year-on-year increase of 47.06 percent. The approved funds totaled 52.95 million yuan ($8 million), an increase of 50.13 percent year on year. 

The NSFC was founded in 1986 to promote innovation and to provide a mechanism for fair competition. It has provided strong support for HNU to create world-class disciplines and build a domestic first-class university as well as further enhance the university's research level, innovation capabilities, and talents training.

The university has been focusing on the major national strategic needs and the needs of the Hainan Free Trade Port construction, laying a solid foundation for the application of NSFC projects. Meanwhile, the university conducted project declaration skills trainings during its preparatory work. In the formal application stage, there were no less than four rounds of strict reviews for each application to improve the quality of project applications and avoid failure of fund application caused by non-academic factors.

In 2021, the NSFC received a total of 276,715 projects applications, and a total of 45,681 projects received the funds, with an average funding rate of 16.51 percent.