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HNU PhD publishes article in Nature journal

HNU, nature|Updated: 2021-08-23

On Aug 17, the top international journal Nature published in its correspondence column the review article "Track disability in COVID-19 statistics" by PhD Qi Fei from the Law School of Hainan University (HNU).

The article, with Qi Fei as the sole author, pointed out that very few public health or medical institutions are recording the disability status of those who contract COVID-19 in countries where the epidemic is still severe. For example, the United States public health authorities continue to rely on statistical indicators such as the age, sex and ethnicity of those who test positive to formulate a COVID-19 policy. Australia also doesn't mention disabled people in its COVID-19 emergency response plan.

The article calls on relevant countries to adjust their public health legislation and policies as soon as possible in accordance with international law, and use the disability status of natural persons as a statutory indicator of public health statistics.


HNU PhD Qi Fei publishes article about COVID-19 statistics in Nature journal on Aug 17.