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2 HNU courses listed in ideological and political demonstration curriculum

Updated: 2021-06-08

The Ministry of Education has issued a notice revealing its list of ideological and political demonstration projects. Two courses taught at Hainan University (HNU) were selected for the list, marking a breakthrough in HNU's ideological and political  curriculum construction.

The "Cell Biology" course, taught by Associate Professor Min Yi from HNU's School of Life Science, was selected as part of the ideological and political demonstration curriculum for ordinary undergraduate education. The course reflects the frontier progress of the relative research field, and incorporates ideological and political knowledge into the course at the same time.

The "Civil Procedure Law" course, taught by Professor Wang Qi from HNU's Law School, was selected as part of the ideological and political demonstration curriculum for postgraduate education. The course guides students to pay attention to judicial practice and social problems, and cultivates students' professional as well as moral quality, which has achieved remarkable results.

HNU will further guide teachers to strengthen their teaching methods, optimize the preparation of their teaching plans and summarize practical experience, as well as continuing to promote the development of an ideological and political curriculum.