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HNU launches 'one health' research institute

Updated: 2021-02-07

A One Health Institute was established at Hainan University on Feb 6, with the aim of facilitating collaborative efforts across disciplines, departments and regions and working for the benefit of people, animals and the environment.

According to Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, human beings share a common destiny on health issues. The current global outbreak of COVID-19 has accentuated the importance of research into health issues, and consequently boosted the significance of the One Health Institute's establishment.


The One Health Institute plaque is unveiled on Feb 6.

Luo Qingming, president of HNU, noted that "one health" is a new concept that integrates the health of humans, animals and the environment as a whole, as well as a new strategy that boosts cooperation and exchanges across disciplines, departments and regions.

The institute has been jointly established by HNU, the Hainan Center for Disease Control & Prevention, Haikou People's Hospital and the Hainan Center for Animal Disease Control and Prevention. It will be committed to one health-related education, scientific research, international cooperation and industrial development.

A group of high-level talents will gather at the institute to engage in national or provincial major R&D projects, cultivate elite talents, and foster a world-leading one health discipline cluster with Hainan characteristics.