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HNU makes sustained efforts to strive for victory against poverty

Updated: 2020-12-30

Hainan University (HNU) has made comprehensive efforts to eliminate poverty through education, industry, science and technology, with the year 2020 marking the decisive moment in completing the construction of a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

The university paired up with Lemei village in Dongfang city and Guangji village in Lin'gao county for poverty alleviation assistance. In addition, it sent five staff to lead rural rejuvenation work in Dongfang's Tuotou, Baoban, Xiaoling, Shanghongxing and Yingxian villages.

More than 600 HNU volunteers taught 680 students in Lemei, while 28 educational training sessions and surveys were organized by HNU in Guangji Primary School. A great number of books have been donated to the two villages. At present, Lemei has a collection of more than 4,800 books covering agricultural science and technology, education and social sciences.


HNU has made great efforts to eliminate poverty through education. [Photo/VCG]

Taking advantage of the tropical climate, HNU has utilized a "government + university + Party branch + cooperative + impoverished household" model to develop the orchid industry in Lemei. Meanwhile, rice in Guangji, edible fungi, flowers, seedlings and camellia tea oil in Baoban, dragon fruit in Tuotou, pigeon and locusts in Xiaoling, breeding in Shanghongxing, plus stock breeding and agricultural product plantations in Yingxian are also thriving with the help of the university.

Relying on its scientific and technological advantages, HNU has organized experts to give training classes on plantations, breeding, and pest and disease prevention and control. A group of demonstration farmers and technical experts have been cultivated.

All seven of the above-mentioned villages have now been lifted out of poverty.