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HNU prof leads Baoban villagers out of poverty

Updated: 2020-12-25

Zhang Yindong, a professor assigned by Hainan University (HNU) to Banzhang village for poverty alleviation, has helped the village spruce up its environment and foster industrial development as routes to common prosperity.

Baoban is the second largest Li ethnic group village in Dongfang. It is home to 3,183 residents, 2,125 of whom were recently impoverished. Zhang was dispatched to the village as the leader of a rural rejuvenation task force.

To improve the local environment, the task force formulated treatment plans, established systems to clarify responsibility and publicized both individuals who were evaluated as having performed well and those that were not. The courtyards, roads, alleys, drainage ditches, greenbelts and sanitary dead angles were thoroughly cleaned up.

In addition, the village renovated 187 dilapidated houses, built 316 toilets, and completed projects to ensure safety of drinking water and prevent African swine fever. 


Zhang Yindong leads students of HNU College of Tropical Crops to assist impoverished farmers with areca nut plantation.

As industrial development is the key to poverty alleviation, the task force helped the villagers make a living out of edible mushroom, flower, fruit and seeding plantation with regular technical training. 

As of September 2019, the final 59 impoverished households in Baoban had been lifted out of poverty and the average annual income of the impoverished households had reached 10,759 yuan ($1,645).