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HNU deputy director devoted to poverty alleviation in Lemei

Updated: 2020-07-14

Wang Lianchun, deputy director of the Teacher & Student Affairs Center of Hainan University (HNU), has helped poverty alleviation efforts in Lemei village, Dongfang over the past five years.

Lemei village used to have a poverty incidence rate as high as 83 percent. When Wang was first dispatched by HNU as the No 1 Party secretary of Lemei, there were only three bungalows in the village, while the other homes were all tile-roof houses in poor conditions. Locals needed to be relocated whenever typhoons came and only a dozen households had toilets.

The first thing that Wang did after taking office was to renovate 93 dilapidated houses and build 110 toilets. As of now, all the households are equipped with a kitchen and toilets, connected by roads, as well as have water supply.

In addition, libraries and book houses were also established, while more than 80 voluntary teaching activities were hosted in the village under Wang's initiative. Sixteen local students have been enrolled by universities over the past five years, and a fund of more than 140,000 yuan ($19,950) was raised for nine impoverished university students.

Wang also donated the prize money of 2,000 yuan to impoverished university student A Lian after he were cited among the Most 10 Warm-hearted People in Dongfang.

Taking advantage of the tropical climate, Wang utilized a "government + university + Party branch + cooperative + impoverished household" model to develop the local orchid industry, whose output value has exceeded 8 million yuan over the past two years.

A 20-mu (1.33-hectare) greenhouse was built where more than 400,000 dendrobium phalaenopsis and 20,000 renanthera coccinea were planted, with an investment of more than 3 million yuan. The plantation, management, and sales are overseen by five impoverished residents.

To increase the industrial chain and increase added value, a 300-square-meter orchid exhibition zone that integrates processing, training, and sightseeing is also being constructed.