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Campus Scavenger Hunt

Updated: 2020-05-25

A university campus can seem like a strange and intimidating place for newcomers. Hainan University gives a lot of attention to demystify the campus environment, and there's one clear winner for both fun and function: a Campus Scavenger Hunt!

In the event, foreign students will be divided into several groups. They have to work together with their teammates to find designated locations, uncover challenges, take hilarious pictures, and complete a wide variety of missions, such as a split relay, a shoe throwing relay, bottle cap flipping, a Q&A on traditional Chinese culture, brainstorming sessions, and fun table tennis. There will be Chinese volunteers at each location giving out instructions or providing help.

The event will be held four weeks after the fall semester starts. It aims to help foreign students familiarize themselves with the campus, adapt to the new environment, and to have further communication with Chinese students. 


Split relay