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HNU selected as national tropical forest scientific research base

Updated: 2020-05-21

Hainan University (HNU) has recently been designated as a National Longterm Scientific Research Base for Tropical Forest Germplasm Resources Preservation and Cultivation by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.

The university will focus on the longterm planning and major scientific issues in tropical forestry, while conducting research on germplasm collection and invention, targeted man-made forest cultivation, pest prevention and control, as well ecological monitoring and healthcare. It will strive to become a national platform that integrates tropical forest resource collection, forest cultivation, ecological healthcare, and technical R&D for the sustainable development of domestic tropical forestry.


Hainan province is naturally bestowed with abundant tropical forestry resources. [Photo by Huang Yimin/China Daily]

Apart from HNU, there are 59 other entries in the second group of National Longterm Scientific Research Bases for Forestry and Grassland, including Hainan Institute of National Parks, Sichuan Academy of Forestry Sciences, Yunnan Academy of Forestry and Grassland, as well as Beijing Forestry University.

They will be committed to scientific research on forest, grassland, and endangered wildlife inheritance, breeding, as well as germplasm resources collection, preservation, and utilization. They will also be involved in forest cultivation and business operation, ecosystem protection and restoration, nature reserves and species conservation, disaster prevention and control, as well as epidemic monitoring, prevention, and control.

In addition, the bases will also engage in technological development and utilization, science popularization and education, as well as achievement demonstration and promotion, providing support and services for industrial development.