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Hainan University logo

Updated: 2020-05-11

Hainan University (HNU) logo is comprised of the university's bilingual name, the year of its establishment, the initials of "Hai Nan" where it is located, as well as the pattern of a coconut tree and seawater. All the elements are on a shield wildly used by the international community as a symbol of prestigious educational institutions.


HNU logo

The pattern of a coconut tree and seawater accentuates the university's location in the tropical Hainan Special Economic Zone, as well as characteristic disciplines related to tropical sciences, ocean sciences, and tourism. Visually, these patterns increase the logo's sense space.

The eye-catching letters "H" and "N" in the center of the logo are lifted up by the rising seawater and partially overlap with each other, signifying the merger of the former HNU and South China University of Tropical Agriculture, as well as its motto: "All rivers run into sea, all efforts aim for the highest ideals."

The dominant color of the logo is blue. Not only does this stand for the vast ocean and sky, but also symbolizes the university's educational philosophy and spirit: science and technology, preciseness, rationality, and wisdom.

The overall design is simple, elegant, and internationalized, creating a logo that is appealing, memorable, and easy to spread.