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HNU professor discloses anti-epidemic patented technologies to public

Updated: 2020-03-25

The DIKW team led by Duan Yucong, professor at Hainan University's College of Computer and Cyberspace Security, has disclosed multiple anti-epidemic patented technologies to the public. In addition, he will offer free technical support and consulting services.

The Emotional Visualization Refuge Map and Emotional Visualization Travel Map can determine the concentrated area and coverage of a particular group of people via statistical analysis, as well as send the information to users as a reference when selecting travel routes and destinations.

The Automatic Security Situation Censoring, Analysis, and Alarm System for Typed Resources is capable of increasing the efficiency of data collection and information analysis in epidemic-stricken areas with low levels of informatization.

In addition, the Visualization of Deviation Driven Organ Morphology and Motion Based Oral Language Learning Correction Method will present the deviation of the position of the mouth, teeth, and tongue in standard pronunciation visually to learners. This can increase the efficiency and accuracy of students' oral learning while schools are closed during the epidemic.

The Dynamic Simulation and Display System of Off-line Suitability of Container Liquid can realize adaptive temperature monitoring and smart reminders. It is suitable for seniors and children who need to be reminded to take medicine during home-based quarantine.

For more information visit the website http://www.yucongduan.org or contact duanyucong@hotmail.com.