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Info for expats in Hainan during coronavirus epidemic

Hainan Foreign Affairs Office| Updated: 2020-02-17

Q: Will a foreigner be considered as overstaying if their visa or residence permit expires during the epidemic prevention and control period?

A: According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the PRC, foreigners should exit China or apply for extension at the EEA authorities before their visas, temporary stay or residence permits expire. In light of the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the current situation, those who are unable to exit as scheduled or extend visas, temporary stay or residence permits due to the epidemic prevention and control shall be given a lighter or mitigated penalty or be exempted from punishment by the EEA authorities depending upon their circumstances.

Q: Are foreigners allowed to exit and enter during the epidemic prevention and control period?

A: The Chinese government has taken a series of strong measures since the COVID-19 outbreak. At present, with the exception of the lockdown of the exit channels of Wuhan ports, all port visa agencies are operating as usual. The visa-free transit policy for foreigners is still effective. All land, sea, and air ports are functioning. Foreigners can enter or exit as usual with valid international travel documents.

According to the current situation, reducing cross-border movements is helpful to the prevention and control of the epidemic. Foreigners could make reasonable travel arrangements to China and stay or reside in China as usual. Due to entry restrictions adopted by some countries and regions, it is advised that foreigners who need to exit China learn in advance the entry requirements of destination countries or regions to avoid financial and time losses in case of any refusal of entry.

Those who travel to countries or regions without entry restrictions are advised to arrive at exit ports well ahead of departure time for necessary checks. Foreigners that have fever with symptoms of acute respiratory infection, such as cough or breathing difficulty, should avoid international travel and seek immediate medical treatment at the nearest hospital. Information, such as recent activities and close contacts, should be provided to relevant authorities for any necessary control measures.

Q: How do foreigners in Hainan apply for visas and temporary stay or residence permits during the epidemic?

A: All exit-entry administration (EEA) authorities in China including Hainan will be in full service for the extension and issuance of visas and temporary stay or residence permits to ensure foreigners’ legitimate stay in China. Urgent services for emergency situations will also be provided. To avoid the risks presented by mass gatherings, the EEA authorities will make arrangements for services on appointment. Foreigners can make appointments in advance for any application. For those institutions which host high numbers of foreigners, such as universities, scientific research institutes, and business enterprises, the EEA authorities will allow additional agent service or provide other necessary conveniences depending upon the situation.

Q: What are the designated hospitals for COVID-19 patients treatment in Hainan?

A: At present, there are seven designated hospitals for confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 in Hainan. Please find the detailed information below.

For confirmed adult patients:

(1) Hainan Provincial People's Hospital

No. 19 Xiuhua Road, Xiuying District, Haikou, 68622725

(2) Sanya Central Hospital

No. 146 Jiefang Road, Sanya, 38220127/13876791831

(3) Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical University

No. 48 Baishuitang Road, Longhua District, Haikou, 66808160

(4) Second Naval Hospital of Southern Theater Command

No. 86 Sanyawan Road, Sanya, 88290715

For child patients:

(1)   Haikou Municipal People's Hospital

No. 43 Renmin Avenue, Haidian Island, Meilan District, Haikou, 66189516

(2)   Haikou Orthopedics and Diabetes Hospital

No. 3 Changxiu Road, Xiuying District, Haikou, 68603990

(3) Sanya Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital

No. 339 Yingbin Road, Sanya, 88272562

Q: How can I get masks in Hainan?

A: According to the Hainan Provincial Health Commission, prevention items such as masks are currently in short supply throughout the province. To ensure market supply and to help residents better protect themselves, local governments have been trying their best to purchase masks and other prevention items from around the world. Please follow the official information of local governments, and purchase rationally from designated pharmacies. We also advise you to abide by the laws and regulations, as well as epidemic prevention and control measures of the Chinese government, and minimize outdoor activities. Thank you for your understanding and support.

For more information, call the government service hotline 12345.