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Foreigners staying in China say they trust Chinese government

CGTN|Updated: 2020-02-13

Despite the spread of the coronavirus, some foreigners decided to stay in China after seeing all kinds of measures the Chinese government has taken to contain the virus.

Denis, an architect who has been working in Hainan, China's southernmost province for many years, decided to stay in China after he was impressed by Chinese people, particularly after witnessing China built two hospitals in Wuhan within 10 days.

"I'm really proud of being in China and being part of it because I cannot imagine in any other country such measures to be implemented so successfully in people, not only the government, but people supporting it so uniformly," said Dennis.  

February on the island province is a perfect time for surfing and kitesurfing, with good wind and mild weather. However, the coronavirus outbreak plunged tourists and local residents on beaches here, which for Dennis is a great chance to do exercise as the beach gets really crowded at the usual time.

"Coming here to the beach feels really good, because I can keep strengthening my health where nobody's on the beach," said Dennis. "Now is a good time to go and have fun. People in good health who exercise regularly as they have much better chance for survival."

Like Dennis, Yana, a professor at Hainan University, made the same decision: staying. Yana is teaching students online to ensure her students can stay on course as the university has postponed the resumption of classes.


Yana, a professor at Hainan University, teaches students online. [Photo/CGTN]

She told CGTN that she decided to stay here because she and her family members feel safe here. She trusts the Chinese government will take appropriate measures to stop the virus and protect people across the country.

"I think sometimes that Hainan, being a special economic trade zone, has a very lively expat community who interacts with government and try to help each other," Yana said.