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HNU undergraduate majors gain national accreditation

Updated: 2020-01-09

Fourteen majors of Hainan University (HNU) have been recognized as National First-Class Undergraduate Majors and 16 majors have been rated as Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Majors.

Last April, the Ministry of Education launched the Double-Ten Thousand Plan, which intends to foster about 10,000 National First-Class Undergraduate Majors and 10,000 Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Majors by 2021.

The ministry recognized the first 4,054 National First-Class Undergraduate Majors and 6,210 Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Majors in 2019.


HNU boasts 14 National First-Class Undergraduate Majors and 16 Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Majors.

The 14 HNU National First-Class Undergraduate Majors include law, ideological and political education, Chinese language and literature, bioscience, biological technology, communication engineering, chemical engineering and technology, food science and engineering, agriculture, horticulture, gardening, aquaculture, tourism management, as well as visual communication design.

The 16 Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Majors are international economics and trade, Japanese, mathematics and applied mathematics, mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, materials science and engineering, information security, civil engineering, environmental sciences, landscaping, plant protection, agricultural resources and environment, veterinary medicine, business administration, administrative management, hotel management, as well as musical performance.