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Notice of Hainan University's 1st International Youth Scholar Forum

Updated: 2019-11-08

1. Introduction

Founded in 1959, Hainan University (HNU) is a key university under Project 211, the Double First-Class Initiative and the Ministry-Province Joint Construction Program.

The International Youth Scholar Forum will invite domestic and foreign scholars from different academic backgrounds to discuss and cooperate on frontier and hot issues. This will enhance the exchanges and cooperation between HNU teachers and the visiting scholars, and introduce new talent resources interested in joining Hainan University.

2. Disciplines

The forum will include but not be limited to disciplines such as crops, law, information and communication engineering, biology, ecology, cyberspace security, material science and technology, chemical engineering and technology, food science and engineering, business administration, applied economics, aquaculture, plant protection, and horticulture.

3. Application threshold

1. Applicants should be aged below 40 (the age limitation can be relaxed for outstanding individuals).

2. Applicants should hold a PhD degree from overseas or domestic renowned universities, and have R&D working experience at overseas renowned universities, scientific research institutes or enterprise research institutes of more than three consecutive years.

3. Applicants should be energetic and have made certain achievements that have development potential in their domain.

4. Application procedures

Eligible youth scholars from around the globe can download the application form and email it to hdforum@hainanu.edu.cn before Dec 10, 2019.

Hainan University will send electronic letters of invitation to qualified applicants before Dec 15, and the invitees should confirm their attendance within one week of receiving the letter of invitation.

5. Forum schedule

Registration date: Jan 4, 2020

Forum date: Jan 5 and 6, 2020


Opening ceremony and symposium

Sub-forums related to efficient tropical agriculture, smart oceans and resource utilization, life and health, free trade ports and cultural tourism

Tour of school museum and labs

6. Fees

Hainan University will provide free accommodation during the forum. The attendees should book the flight tickets (economy class only) themselves and apply for reimbursement. The amount should not exceed 15,000 yuan ($2,133) for European and American attendees, 10,000 yuan for Asian attendees and 5,000 yuan for domestic attendees.

7. Youth talent policies

The talent refers to those selected into the Recruitment Program of Global Experts, National Special Support Program for High-level Personnel Recruitment, Cheung Kong Scholars Program, whose projects are funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Salary: Hainan University will offer both a salary and an annual talent subsidiary of 600,000 yuan. (The basic salary is around 900,000 yuan.)

Resettlement allowance: The university will provide a resettlement allowance of 500,000 yuan.

Spousal support: The talent can apply for spouse's accompanying assignment.

Housing: Hainan province will exempt the rent of a talent apartment of no more than 150 square meters for recognized Leading Talents. The government will give 80 percent of the property rights to the talent after the talent has worked full-time in Hainan for five years, and 100 percent of the property rights after the talent has worked for eight years. Before the talent is able to settle in the apartment, the university will offer a temporary residence or a monthly rent subsidy of 5,000 yuan for no more than three years.

Health: The Hainan government will purchase health insurance valued at 6,000 yuan every year for recognized Leading Talents that work in the province full time, as well as offer an annual physical examination.

Social insurance: The university will pay the social insurance and the housing fund for the talent.

Scientific research support: The university will provide a scientific research start-up fee of about 3 million yuan, and the amount can be increased based on actual work needs.


The natural science talents can apply for up to three scientific research assistants.

The talent can enjoy preferential treatment in household registration, children's school enrollment, spouse's employment, and medical treatment in accordance with provincial regulations. Other necessary working and living conditions will also be guaranteed.

The postgraduate student enrollment quota of the talent will be prioritized.

8. Contact

Tel: +86-0898-66271136

E-mail: hdforum@hainanu.edu.cn  

Download the application form at http://www.hainu.edu.cn/stm/rencai/20191031/10553282.shtml.