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HNU hosts 15th Chinese Intelligent Systems Conference

Updated: 2019-10-31

The 15th Chinese Intelligent Systems Conference (CISC 2019) was held in Haikou, capital of Hainan province, on Oct 26 and 27, attracting more than 300 experts and scholars from over 80 universities and scientific research institutes.

Jia Yingming, director of the Society of Intelligent Aerospace Systems, Wu Hongxin, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sun Zengqi, professor of Tsinghua University, Zhang Lin, professor of Beihang University, and Hou Zengguang, vice director-general of the Chinese Association of Automation, attended the conference.

Seven prestigious experts and scholars shared the latest progress and achievements in intelligent system theories and applications.


The CISC 2019 is held in Haikou on Oct 26 and 27.

In addition, conference attendees presented their papers and had discussions regarding subjects like intelligent systems, aerospace control, robust and adaptive control, in-depth learning and learning control, robots and artificial life, computer vision and autonomous driving, advanced intelligent algorithms as well as brain science.

Awards were presented to the outstanding papers and contributors to the field at the closing ceremony.

The conference is an annual national academic meeting of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence for exchanges among experts, scholars, postgraduates, and technical staff in the field of intelligent systems. This year's session was hosted by Hainan University (HNU) and Beihang University with the support of the Society of Intelligent Aerospace Systems.