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HNU professor shines at World Laureates Sanya Forum

Updated: 2019-08-30

Communication and talents are important factors for scientific development, noted Fu Pengcheng, a Hainan University professor specializing in South China Sea marine resource utilization, at the World Laureates Sanya Forum on Aug 23.

The forum brought top scientists from across the world together to discuss the latest research and achievements. Fu said he believes that the more questions one asks, the more clear the answer will become. Only by communicating with others can researchers become aware of their shortcomings and weaknesses, thus achieving progress.

In addition, the inflow of high-level talents is also essential, Fu said. It is very important to provide matched treatment and conditions for talents to realize their dreams.


Fu Pengcheng, a Hainan University professor specializing in South China Sea marine resource utilization, delivers a speech at the World Laureates Sanya Forum on Aug 23. [Photo by Deng Yu/Hainan Daily]

In the second half of 2017, Fu left the foreign university where he had worked for six years. He set up laboratories and scientific research teams in Hainan, plunging into research on the marine resource utilization in the South China Sea.

The vast South China Sea is a dreamland for scientists, he said. Not only is it rich in oil, gas, and marine energy resources, but it is also an important distribution area of coral reefs, mangroves, and kelp beds in China.

At present, Fu's team has conducted in-depth research on the marine biological resources and materials utilization, while establishing multiple projects. The most exciting development in the past two years was the discovery of an extremophile with antioxidant free radicals that could be used in anti-aging research.