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Double First-Class construction of Hainan University reviewed

Updated: 2019-08-06

An expert panel investigated Hainan University (HNU) on Aug 1 and 2 to evaluate its mid-term work on becoming a world-class university with first-class disciplines under the Double First-Class initiative of the Ministry of Education.


A symposium is held between the expert panel and representatives of Hainan University on Aug 1. 

Huang Daren, head of the expert panel and former president of Sun Yat-sen University, noted that the investigation is aimed at identifying achievements and problems of HNU in the earlier stage of construction, as well as its self-evaluation in the intermediate stage at a symposium on Aug 1.


Huang Daren, head of the expert panel, speaks at the conference. 

Wu Yaoting, Party secretary of HNU, detailed the university's construction work from the aspects of comprehensive reform, discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research, faculty level, social service and international exchanges.

Executives of the colleges of Law, Information and Communication Engineering, and Tropical Crops introduced the development trajectory, current status, talent cultivation, international cooperation, and social service of their respective disciplines.

In addition to field trips to the three above-mentioned colleges, the experts also talked with senior officials, academic pacesetters, and the people in charge of the planning, financial, human resources, scientific research, and academic affairs departments to get a thorough understanding of their work. They then offered their suggestions to HNU's discipline layout and support mechanism on a conference on Aug 2.

HNU will take the mid-term assessment of Double First-Class construction as an opportunity to identify and solve the existing problems, while clarifying the key tasks for the next stage, said Wu.