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Hainan University seeks to expand internationalized education

Updated: 2019-07-11


A symposium is held in Hainan University on July 10 to discuss internationalized education.

A symposium was held in Hainan University (HNU) on July 10 to discuss internationalized education.

Wu Yaoting, Party secretary of HNU, pointed out that internationalization is essential for the university to foster world-class disciplines, and to assist Hainan in the construction of a free trade zone and a free trade port. 

According to Wu, HNU should explore renovating its teaching and management, as well as integrate all educational resources available. The disciplines should cultivate talents that have strong competitiveness in the market and cater to the needs of large enterprises at home and abroad.


Wu Yaoting, Party secretary of HNU, speaks at the symposium.

Class quality must be improved, with difficult problems such as language barriers in joint educational programs addressed, said Wu. He also praised the Chinese-foreign cooperative education achievements made by the school's international tourism, tourism, and information and communications engineering colleges.

Ye Guangliang, vice president of HNU, proposed strengthening exchanges with partner schools, integrating local elements into foreign courses, as well as encouraging international teams to study Hainan issues and contribute their insight.

The heads of the colleges of international tourism, tourism, and computer and cyberspace security introduced their joint education programs with foreign universities, which were subjected to questions and comments from other attendees. In-depth discussion was held revolving around issues such as enrollment scale, major provisions, talent cultivation, and teaching services.