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Overseas paid internship programs

Updated: 2019-06-17

(1) American Summer Internship Program

Program Description: The summer internship of college students in the United States is a short-term work-study program. Undergraduate students can take a temporary paid job in the US during the summer vacation after getting a J1 Visa, and have DIY tours after work to experience the real United States.

Registered in California in the US, EachFuture (EFCN) focuses on Sino-US educational and cultural exchanges. As one of the earliest participants of the program, it has accumulated rich experience in student team dispatch and service. EachFuture has offices in China and the US which send nearly 1,000 Chinese students to exchange in the US each year. It has rich internship positions and corporate resources, adopts one-stop professional services, and conducts Chinese communication in a time difference-free and cultural barrier-free way, ensuring the timely and proper handling of problems.

(2) American professional internship program

Program Description: The EachFuture has newly introduced hotel management, tour guide services, chain operations, international trade, IT and other positions. The hotel room management training program conducts work shifts adjusted by employers according to the periodic work performance of the students. The internship time for all positions is 8-12 months.

(3) University of Central Florida Academic Paid Internship Program

Program Description: According to an agreement between the University of Central Florida and Hainan University, the two sides will conduct an undergraduate academic collaboration project on hotel and tourism management, including paid internships at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

The project aims to provide Hainan University students with the opportunity to earn credits and conduct internships at universities in the US. The academic internship program provides participants with the opportunity to work in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, enabling them to apply what they have learned in the classroom to actual reception work. The Disney International Program also offers participants role practices to give them a unique and diverse learning experience.

The internship lasts for 6 months. At its end, the University of Central Florida issues a certificate of study. The credits earned by the students during the internship are converted into the total credits earned at Hainan University

(4) Japanese high-skilled training program

Program Description: Students chosen by the university will go to relevant Japanese units for paid high-skilled training which lasts for one year. After the completion of the program, the Japanese units will provide training certificates, and the credits earned by the students during their training in Japan will be recognized by the university.


Program Description: The FOUNDATION AGRICULTURAL EXCHANGE UNION OF CHINA-EUROPE (EUC) is an official intercollegiate partner of Hainan University and an authority in global agricultural education exchange and vocational training. With the support and supervision of embassies and governments, the Foundation was established and is entrusted by European and Chinese institutions to carry out overseas internships, vocational training, teacher exchanges, and educational cooperation. Its purpose is to promote the exchange of agricultural education and practice between Europe and China, and to enhance multilateral exchanges and educational cooperation between agricultural institutions and agricultural enterprises in Europe and China. The PTP Program on the platform is an overseas study project initiated by our university.

The PTP program, as the core part of the EUC Overseas Internship and Training Program, provides university students worldwide with 3-6 months of overseas paid internship in developed countries in Europe and the United States, during which students will improve their skills in overseas practice, apply what they have learned, broaden their horizons, and exercise their language capacities. This will not only greatly enhance their employment competitiveness, but also let them accumulate valuable experience for their careers and lay a solid foundation for their future lives.