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Sino-foreign talent training programs

Updated: 2019-06-17

(1) Sino-American CHEPD Program 

Program Description: The Sino-American CHEPD Program is a new type of two-way communication and cooperation program between China and US. It was launched and is managed by the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), the China Center for International Education Exchange (CCIEE) and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). CCIEE and AASCU select qualified Chinese and American public institutions of higher learning as members of the program, which undertake specific teaching tasks. The program includes the 1+2+1 program and the YES (Youth Exchange Students) Program.
The 1+2+1 program is divided in two parts: Undergraduate and Postgraduate.

1. Undergraduate: The first-year undergraduate students selected from the Chinese universities participating in the program go to the American universities participating in the program for second and third year courses, and then return to the Chinese universities for their fourth year of study. They receive undergraduate diplomas and Bachelor's degrees from Chinese and American universities in four years.
2. Postgraduate: First-year postgraduate students from the Chinese universities participating in the program study for two to three semesters at the American universities participating in the program, and then return to the Chinese universities to complete their theses. They receive both postgraduate diplomas and Master's degrees from Chinese and American universities in three years.
As a supplementary project of the 1+2+1 program, the YES program provides students from Chinese universities with a variety of opportunities for studying in the US, and diversifies the modes of cooperation between Chinese and American institutions.

(2) Missouri State University 3+1+1 Program
Program Description: According to this program, students from Hainan University study at Hainan University for three years, and then study at Missouri State University for one year to complete their undergraduate study. The Bachelor's degree is awarded by Hainan University. One year later, they complete a Bachelor-Master program at Missouri State University which grants them a Master's degree. Students from Hainan University must apply for various professional programs and meet all entry requirements before they can be admitted to this Bachelor-Master program. Hainan University students must complete all the courses required for their degree as full-time students while studying at Missouri State University.

(3) Japan Kyushu Foreign Language Academy 3+1 Program
1. Application conditions
a. Students specialized in Japanese at the School of Foreign Languages of Hainan University

b. Students who have completed three or three and a half courses at Hainan University

2. Teaching management
a. The Kyushu Foreign Language Academy provides a one year or half a year teaching plan for students in Hainan University. The period can be converted to the teaching period of Hainan University after Hainan University’s agreement.
b. Students recommended by Hainan University must complete 3 years or 3.5 years of study in Hainan University and obtain most of the credits. The remaining credits can be obtained at the Kyushu Foreign Language Academy.
c. In addition to Japanese education, Kyushu Foreign Language Academy will provide education on life, laws, traffic rules, customs, etc. for students recommended by Hainan University.
d. Students who apply for graduate programs after completing study in Japan at the Kyushu Foreign Language Academy will be provided with comprehensive information about state-run, public and private schools and given admission guidance.