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Lecturer professor of Tsinghua University, appointed as visiting professor of Hainan University

Updated: 2019-05-08


Feng Daxuan (second from left) issued a certificate of appointment for Wei Yan (second from right).

From April 28 to 29, at the invitation of Prof Feng Daxuan, Chairman of the International Advisory Committee of Hainan University, Wei Yan, internationally renowned material chemist and lecturer professor of Tsinghua University, delivered a lecture in Hainan University and participated in the seminar on the development of chemical science and the forum on the frontiers of science.

On the morning of April 28, Wei Yan delivered a lecture themed on "the dream of a material chemist". Sharing experiences from his own research, he elaborated on the current issues in organic and inorganic materials, nano-materials and biotechnology in four aspects, i.e. energy, food, environment and health, and shared his research results in cellulose manufacturing, desalination, oil and water separation and utilization of nano-biotechnology in the precise diagnosis and treatment of cancer. He also advocated that cross-disciplinary cooperation is required in scientific research and innovation, and encouraged students to be down-to-earth and make innovations step by step, and placed high hopes on the students' sticking to ideals and beliefs, working hard to harness excellent skills for the realization of the "Chinese Dream".


Wei Yan delivered a lecture at Hainan Universitt on April 28. 

On the afternoon of April 28, Wei Yan participated in the symposium on the development of chemical science in the College of Science. At the meeting, he analyzed the problems of teachers' academic research and put forward his own unique insights. He proposed that scientific research should be combined with Hainan's characteristics, and young teachers should be brave in practice and look for more learning opportunities and learning platforms. He promised to offer more support and encouraged the teachers of the Department of Chemistry of the College of Science at Hainan University to unite and work together, to create a good research atmosphere and build a core team.


Wei Yan made an academic report on a forum in Hainan University on April 29.

On the morning of April 29, the College of Science held a forum on scientific frontiers in room 710 of the R&D Center. As the keynote speaker of this forum, Wei Yan made an academic report titled "flexible robot and self-healing medical hydrogel" and gave vivid explanations on the subject. He mainly centered on the topic of "light-heat controllable shape memory materials". His speech was humorous, and there was a heated interaction between the teachers and the students.

The directors of relevant departments and divisions of Hainan University attended the forum.